February 21--The triumph of the greater kidney

I finished my lecture this morning, then we played fluid and electrolyte Jeopardy for a while until it was time to go. Everyone always has fun when we play Jeopardy, and it stimulates them to think critically about the topic.

After class I went over to the hospital for a while and wandered around while my students prepped on their patients for tomorrow. I put in some steps doing cycles around the units, then sat outside for a while. It was kind of cold, but the sun was out, and it felt good.

After that I drove over to the hot dog place. It closed at the end of November, without explanation. In January, a sign went up that it would open again under new management in February, with a promise that the food would be the same.

I have been going to this place since the late 1980's. I was working in a lab at the time, and taking prerequisites for nursing school. I heard about it from our lab tech, Pearl. Her husband loved the hot dogs.

This will be the 4th owner of the place since I have been going there. One ominous sign is that, unlike all the previous owners, this one doesn't work there. There is a "manager" overseeing things. Also, the prices went up by about $1-2. On the upside, they now serve 8 different draft beers. I have stopped drinking beer, so it does nothing for me.


I had my usual cheese dog with mustard and onions. It arrived without onions, but with two anemic slices of tomato. It tasted about the same (once repaired), but I kept thinking about how it was more expensive. Sigh. Nothing lasts forever.

While I was eating, the tv was showing an Olympic curling competition. I lingered over my food so I could watch the rest of the match. I love curling.

I went for a walk this afternoon. It started out nice, but then the clouds began coming in. The forecast says rain tomorrow, but I will believe it when I see it. I'm in the hospital all day, so some rain would be nice.


I saw what I think is a White-tailed Kite up in a tree. When I was walking the other day, I wondered why I never saw any hunting birds, and boom!

eta: I dreamed last night that I was Queen Elizabeth, and that I was the star of the royal softball team. It was pretty interesting.
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February 20--The lament of the lesser kidney

I wrote an entry that covered the 5 days I missed, and talked about how I was in a funk and didn't feel like writing, and I added pictures and everything, then it disappeared. I don't feel like writing it again, so I am just gonna put the pictures in and call it a day.


A sailboat sails in front of Mare Island, an old submarine shipyard. Taken from the ferry we took to San Francisco Friday. It was a perfectly lovely day, with lots of sun and no wind. We sat outside on the ferry trip across the bay.

Once we got to SF, we had lunch at the Ferry Building, then wandered across town. Malida enjoyed taking pictures for her photo class, and I just enjoyed taking pictures.

street musician

A street musician across from the Ferry Building. He looks like he is playing the blues, but he is actually singing a Sting song.

We walked through Chinatown and there were all sorts of people setting off fireworks for the new year.

Chinese new year

A dragon.

Saturday I took my car in for a recall. Bad air bags. It was a "most of the day" service, so I decided to walk the 4 1/2 miles home. I took my time and stopped for coffee along the way. When I got home I discovered that I didn't have a house key, and was locked out. I took Lyft to Malida's work, and discovered that she didn't have one either. I ended up driving her car home and getting in through the garage via her garage door opener.

Sunday I went for a walk and saw turtles.


One of the turtles had a busted shell.

Monday it was cold out, so I watched movies and took a walk in the late afternoon. I wore a warm hat.

Today I lectured on fluid movement and electrolytes, then went to the dentist for my regular cleaning. Everything looked good.

So there you have it. I ended up writing more than I did the first time, and even added another picture.
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February 15--I fell in with the bad nuns

This would normally be a clinical day, but since tomorrow is a holiday for us, we had the students come in and do skills competencies. It'a a half-day affair, and a great way to ease into the four-day weekend. I don't really like skills days, but it is easier than walking around the hospital for 8 hours, so I tolerate it.

The students asked me to take their class picture today as well. They wanted it in front of the old building, so we walked over and I took the pictures. It was the first time using my new camera for class pictures, and it worked like a champ. I have been using it so much that I didn't really even have to think about what I was doing with it. I like that it is becoming second nature.

class of 2018

The class of Spring, 2018.

It was windy today, and it made me crabby and gave me a headache. I kept my head down and my mouth shut, and got through the day. I came home and took a nap, and felt better afterwards. In the afternoon I walked in the park. It's the first time I have walked there for more than a week. Everything is the same. I walked about twice as far as normal, which is two loops, or a little more than three miles. It felt good.

Malida and I both have the day off tomorrow, so we will take the ferry to San Francisco and walk around taking pictures. It is supposed to be sunny and about 62, which is about perfect. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't walked around SF for a while.

I don't really have any big plans for the long weekend. Malida is working Saturday, and I am taking my car in for a recall, so I will probably stick close to home and get caught up on some stuff I need to get caught up on. On Monday I will head back down to the Bay Area to scope out the Point Reyes area in anticipation of my photo class field trip coming up in April. I want to get down there early enough to see the sunrise, so I will have to leave at about 4 am. Maybe.

bad nuns

I saw this on a white car parked next to me today. At first I took the pic so I could use it as my subject line, but decided it was a ready-made black and white image. So there.

February 13--Biomedical tea

I'm still going to bed early and sleeping 8 hours a night. I do feel less tired than before, but not that much less tired. I mentioned this to my coworker, and she started, "Well, when you get older...".

I'm not old!

Malida got home from her class this afternoon and wanted to go out taking pictures. This is now her routine whenever she has a day off. So we headed out to the creek trail, because it was too late to go anywhere else. The creek trail has a different feel to it in the late afternoon. There are still quite a few people out walking, but they don't say "hi" like morning people do.

false spring

Someone thinks it is already spring.

As we were walking, Malida talked about how much she liked going out and photographing things. She mentioned that once she gets better at photography, she would like to take guitar lessons. She has decided that she would rather do fun and interesting things than be rich. Which is probably a good choice. She went on, "Since I have an old husband...".

"I'm not old!" I exclaimed.

And I have no idea where she was going with that thought.

We have our first exam tomorrow, and I spent the morning setting up the test. I took it, just to make sure it worked, and got an 85%. A respectable passing score. It's all management content, which I don't teach. I always get an "A" on my own content.

After our walk I came home and bought some new music, which I am listening to now. Good stuff.

sepia-toned grandpa

Grandpa in front of his house in Thailand from a few years ago. I am looking forward to going back to Thailand this summer.
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February 10--Pill Bezoar

Slept well, and woke up not feeling sick at all--first time in 2 weeks. I dreamed about an old wooden building. I don't remember anything else about the dream other than the building.

I went through all of our financial stuff this morning and put together the things we will need when we see our tax accountant, sometime in the hazy near-future. Maybe next week.

After getting all that in order, I went to the creek trail for a walk. It was cooler than yesterday, but still warmer than usual, and no rain. It was windy and some clouds blew in, but that was about it.

green heron

A green heron observing the view.

After I came home and we rested from our labors, we headed down to Old Town Sacramento so Malida could take pictures. We got some late afternoon shots, then had dinner. After dinner she did some night shots of the old bridge and the capitol building. She had fun, as did I.

driving wheel

Driving wheel on a steam locomotive. Almost black and white.

February 9--More sassy than classy

I didn't have as much energy as the day before, even though I got more sleep. I felt kind of like I was getting sick again ("Don't get sick again...), so I took it kind of easy at work. I did manage to throw a bunch of questions at about half my students. One of them (the one who worried about murmers) was actually able to answer everything I threw at her. She seemed pleased that I was pleased.


Potassium replacement delivery device.

I came home and took a two-hour nap, and woke up refreshed. I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies for a while. I wish they would just show stuff rather than try to manipulate peoples' emotions. I hate that. Just show me the best curling teams and I'll be happy.


The Point Reyes Lighthouse from a few years ago. This is the area where my coastal photography class will be having the three-day field trip in April. I love this area.
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February 8--The Fishwives of Cape Cod

I had to get up at 5 today, but it was much easier after getting to bed before 10. I woke up in a remarkably good mood, that kept up throughout the day. Getting a good night's sleep seems to be working.

Malida got home from school this afternoon and was all hot to go out and practice photography, so I grabbed my camera and off we went. It was less than an hour until sunset, so we headed to the old part of town, where we could shoot for a while, then go have some dinner.

the photographer

Malida concentrates. She's still trying to figure out f-stop and shutter speed, but she's getting there. She has to start putting together her portfolio for class, so we will got out again this weekend.

We had a nice dinner at the Brick House. I had a steak, but could only finish a third of it, so Malida took some for her lunch, and I saved the rest for tomorrow's dinner. They have the best Italian salad!


Creepy mannequin in a store window, with a bit of me in the reflection.