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I mentioned recently that I got a letter in the mail from a friend I met here on LJ. He isn't on LJ anymore but we have kept in touch through Facebook. He's a priest in a Chicago suburb now. Anyway, he wrote me a real paper and pen letter and invited me to write back. So I did--wrote it today.

It was interesting. It has been years since I wrote an actual letter. I had a pad of paper and wondered if I would even fill a page. I ended up writing three pages, and could have kept going. I decided I better stop before I use up whatever I might write for the next one.

At one point I was telling him about being in Chartres, and about a French guy asking if I had ever seen the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I had, because that was where my friend was ordained to the diaconate. I told him and felt like I should insert a picture at that point, but it was paper and pen. So I printed a picture and put it in the envelope with the letter.

I'm thinking about how I can write more letters now.
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