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January 22--Rainy day when I forgot to post.

I had my students in the hospital again. They chose a nurse to shadow and spent the day with them. I wandered around aimlessly. This day and the last day of the clinical rotation are the most boring days for me because I have nothing to do, really. Next week will be a different story. I will be running from unit to unit to supervise IV administrations, check charting, etc. It will be like that for a while until everyone gets competent, and then I back off and let them do it without me looking over their shoulder.

So I wander around and find places to hide out, since I don't have an office or any official place to hang out. I now know pretty much every inch of the hospital, and have my favorite spots. I know where the good bathrooms are too.

One of my favorite places is the courtyard between the two main buildings. There are trees, a couple of water features, and lots of places to sit. It was raining, though, so I couldn't sit out there. There was so little rain last year that even in the winter I was out there almost every day I was at the hospital. I'm glad for the rain, but miss sitting in my favorite spot.

mercy rain

I had to let the students go a little early because I had to go for some mandatory training at the regional learning center for the hospital, which is on the other side of town. In the entire time I have been taking students to this hospital system, no one has ever mentioned the need for mandatory training, and the one time I asked, they said, "don't worry about it." So I didn't. Apparently someone else noticed that none of the nursing school instructors had any documentation of mandatory training on file, so now we are catching up. I'm ok with that--I want to know what the nurses know.

The training was only 15 minutes long, and covered something I know all about, since I teach the same content to my students every semester. It is good to validate that my knowledge is sound, though. It was a 15 minutes well spent. Haha not really--it was a complete waste of time!

Before I left for home I checked the weather app to see if it was going to rain some more. "Don't worry," it assured me. "No more rain until tonight!"

more rain
Thank you weather app!

I stopped at the store on the way home to buy stuff to make soup and bread, which is what I am going to do now.
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