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June 14--A walk along the Cosumnes

I had an early morning phone conference with my doctoral advisor about my project proposal. I had a revision due yesterday, but kind of ran into a wall and decided that I needed to completely rewrite it rather than revise it. She agreed and gave me some direction.

Interestingly, in the midst of my failed revision, I found a newly published article that summarizes all the literature about diabetes in the Hmong population, and pretty much lays out what I am looking at. I found it very helpful, and sent an email to the author, who is a nursing professor at Chico State, about an hour north of here. I will talk to her later this week, and may gain some additional insight into this project.

After all this, I decided I needed to clear my head and drove out to the Cosumnes River Preserve to hike around.


One of my favorite spots. I have come hiking out here for close to 25 years. I have always found peace.

green spider

a green spider I saw along the way.
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