zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

56017--one in a series of three

After three semesters of teaching full time, I finally got to my irritated point with a couple of students who were unprepared for tasks last night, and found myself saying, "this is unacceptable!". I have a reputation for being fairly easy-going, which is now amended to "fairly easy-going until you piss him off". It's not necessarily a bad thing. It is their final semester, and there needs to be some pressure to elevate the game. They will have peoples' lives in their hands in a few short months. But it's a pressure that needs to be applied gently, not with a sledge hammer. That's my learning for last night.

I went to the eye doctor before work for my annual check. He tells me my left eye is a little better, and my right a little worse. I've been going to the same guy for 20 years. He's the best.

After the eye doctor, I headed to work and stopped to get a cup of coffee. They used to have a coffee place right in the hospital, but it got torn out as part of the big renovation. When I drink plain old cafeteria coffee, I start muttering "this is unacceptable" under my breath. So I went to the Starbucks on J street, where I used to hang out. I parked across the street in front of the art store, and noticed the image below on the sidewalk, partially obscured by a sidewalk sign for the art store.

eye and foot

I moved the sidewalk sign so I could get a better look and take a picture. I thought about what I would say if someone in the store came out to give me grief for moving the sign. I came up with three things I could say:

1. The sign is on a public street and it was in my way.

2. Why is your art store putting a sign over street art? That's just not right.

3. I forgot what the third thing was.

I finally friend locked all my old posts after being deluged with spam comments lately. Thanks to dabroots for telling me how to do it all at once.
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