January 11th, 2015


58011--a visit to the graphic artist.

My friend Lynn is back in the US for a visit. She lives in Guam now, but used to live in San Jose. She was one of the people I met after my wife died ten years ago. Any of you who were reading back then might remember her as "the graphic artist". I wrote about her and "the writer" quite a bit back then. They were two of the friends who helped shepherd me through those days.

Anyway, we drove down to San Jose for lunch, and ended up at a tapas place in Mountain View. Mountain View was where my dad first moved after he left my mom back in 1968, and all I really remember about it was a record store and a McDonalds. It's a lot different now. The street we ate on, Castro Street, has such a variety of restaurants and shops that I could spend a month just trying everything.

Our tapas were good. My favorite was the mushroom empanadas. I recalled that the last time we had tapas was in Germany a year ago. Now there is a tapas place opening close to where we live, so we will try that.

After the tapas, we stumbled across a patisserie that had quite a selection of macaroons, something else we hadn't had since Germany. We bought a half-dozen and ate them while sitting on a bench outside. They were delicious.

There was a guy playing an old beat-up guitar on the street, and he was pretty good. I asked if I could take his picture and he suggested that Malida and Lynn be in it too, so there they are. Right after I took this, the camera battery went dead, so that was it for the pictures.

On with the meme. Today it is seven things that irritate me.

1. People who don't use turn signals when driving. Over the years I have developed into a "always uses his turn signal" type of person. And when someone signals, I almost always let them in, unless they have no business being in my lane. haha!

2. People who drive slow in the fast lane. If you are not passing someone and I am behind you, signal and get in the slow lane. I remember this being drilled into me in driving school. Surely these people learned it as well.

3. People who are late. Particularly students who are late to class and walk in during the lecture. There is nothing I can do about it, really, other than to casually shame them by asking them a question about what I was talking about before they came in. It irritates me.

4. People who complain about how bad everything is, and then casually note that when it is too hot they take refuge in their wine room where it is cool and dark. Actually, this is a single person on my FB, but generally, people who ought to know how well they have it, and don't.

5. Not having a wine room. Haha--just kidding.

6. People who "phone-it-in" when other people are counting on them.

7. Phone trees that lead nowhere and don't have a "dial 0" opt out.

These days there are a lot less things that irritate me than in the past. I had a hard time coming up with 7, and even a few of these I felt kind of bad about because they are about people, and you never really know the whole story about what motivates behavior. I think of my grandma, who would drive 45 in the fast lane, happy as a clam, and wonder why everyone else was in such a hurry.

Music--Bruce Cockburn, who I never get tired of listening to.
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