January 12th, 2015


58012--into the mist

Ever since Malida became a citizen, a few months ago, she has been reminding me that she needs to get a US passport. So we chose today to be the day to do it, and change her status with Social Security. Bang Bang, done. I also noticed that my passport will expire in a few months, so I decided I would renew it as well.

I downloaded all the forms and completed them, and wrote checks for both hers and mine. Easy. I looked up online to see the hours they do passports at the local post office. "Monday-Friday, 10:00-4:00'. Perfect. We got out of the house at 9, took a walk in the foggy park, then went to the UPS Store for passport photos.

I love walking in the fog--it is so mysterious. This photo makes me imagine a very complex angiogram.

We made it to the post office just after ten, and discovered that even though the website says "Monday-Friday", it is really "Tuesday-Friday". I looked up another place, and we headed there, only to discover that they don't process passport applications.

We drove into downtown Sacramento. The website said the downtown post office at 8th and I does it. OK! Here we are. Security guard tells us that the post office moved out two years ago, and the new place doesn't do passports. It is now 11:00. He does make the very valuable suggestion that we head across the street to City Hall, where there is a passport person.

We found the office on the 5th floor, and everything was good until the clerk informed us that the passport fee needed to be separated into two checks, not the one I had brought. No problem, we are a few blocks from our credit union. She was going to close for lunch soon, and wasn't sure she could fit us in in the afternoon, but invited us to give it a try.

So we got the cashiers checks, had a nice lunch, and went back right at 1. By 1:15, Malida was all set. The clerk then turned her attention to my application. The check was fine, but apparently there are two types of forms for applying for a passport renewal--one for in-person and one for by mail. I had the wrong one. "Mail it" she suggested, so I did.

I could add "post office" to the list of irritations I made yesterday. That and "Department of Motor Vehicles".

Today's list is about 7 fears/phobias. I can't think of 7, but I'll list what I have.

1. Clowns.

2. Very high freeway bridges/overpasses. When they eventually rebuilt highway 880 in Oakland, the made a section that is very high. I hate driving it. I clench the wheel until my knuckles are white. I'm not sure if it is because the old highway 880, which I drove on often, collapsed in the last big earthquake, or if it is something else.

Heights don't really bother me. I loved going to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto and standing on the glass floor, and I enjoyed jumping out of an airplane.

3. Spiders--they give me the willies, but I respect them and don't stomp on them. I even let some tarantulas crawl all over me when I was in Cambodia.

4. A fairly long list of disease states that I have observed, and said, "I don't want that". At the top are progressive neuromuscular diseases such as ALS, where you lose function, but have full cognitive ability and know what is happening.

5. Being caught in a fire.

I think that's all I have.

A page from the old passport. These stamps are from my first visit to Southeast Asia. The trip that changed my life. A year and a few weeks after I got my first entry stamp into Thailand, I would be back to get married.
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