January 18th, 2015


58018--"If you see Buddha in the road, run him over"

After our walk and lunch today, we drove into the Fruitridge area so Malida could stop at the Laotian food store there. They have all sorts of things she likes, and she stocks up.

A friend of mine used to live not too far from there. He was a quiet guy named Fernando. He hardly ever said anything, but one night when I was driving him home, he said, "If you see Buddha in the road, run him down." I didn't know what he meant, and asked him to explain, but he didn't. A few years later I saw that he had died young--in his 30s.

This was before Google, so If I wanted to find out more, I would have had to research it the old-fashioned way. Which I didn't do. But I did remember it. During my theological studies, years later, I took a course on Christian mysticism and read a book called "The Cloud of Unknowing". The take-away for me at the time was, if you think you understand God, then you don't understand God. As I pondered that, I came to understand what Fernando meant, although I'm not so sure he understood it. It might have just been something mysterious to say.

In any case, I though of him today as I drove down Fruitridge Blvd.

I got a new iPhone yesterday. My old phone was on its last legs and was sucking up data. I got the iPhone 6. It has an interesting feature that recognizes your fingerprint when you press the button, so it knows it's you. The sales guy was having trouble getting it to start up for me, and told me to try it when I got home. I did, and it didn't, so I called support, who told me I had to take it to the Apple store. She suggested that I do a restore first. I did, and now the phone doesn't work at all. Neat.

Three words I use every day:

1. Okay
2. Coffee
3. So

I know, not very creative.

The other thing I bought yesterday was one of those fitness bands that measures how many steps you take every day and so on. If my phone worked, it would synch with the phone to keep track of what I do everyday. I have become so sedentary and overweight that I feel like I am moving toward the point where I won't be able to turn it around. We walk about 3 days a week, but our walks have been shrinking in size lately.

So I bought this thing thinking it would motivate me to do more, and would give me a better sense of what I am doing currently. We took a walk this morning, and I thought we went pretty far, but it was only 3500 steps, which was less than half of what the thing suggested as a goal (and in this very moment I decide I would always call it "the thing").

Later in the afternoon, the screen of the thing turned red, because I was just sitting there. I told Malida I was going out to walk some more. She noted that she always suggests I go out to walk, and wondered why I don't listen to her but will listen to a black plastic thing. haha! Anyway, I went out and knocked out the rest of the steps for my daily goal.

keep going
Motivation on the walking path.
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