January 25th, 2015


58025--nothing much

It has been an uneventful weekend. We did the usual weekend things--went shopping, ate, walked in the park. There is a huge (and I do mean huge) international market on the other side of the city, and that is where we ate and shopped. The market used to just feature Korean stuff, and still does, but the area has seen an influx of immigrants from all over, and the market is now international. They have a food court, and the food is great.

Week two of the semester begins tomorrow. At the end of the week I will be turning my students loose on the nursing units for their last big push before graduation. This is my favorite semester to teach. Tomorrow we have a faculty meeting. There are some issues already. I plan to keep my head low.

No picture today worth posting, so I will post a picture from my high school yearbook, from the year I graduated. I miss having all that hair.


Music--Timothy Seth Avett. I think he is one of the Avett Brothers. He is--I looked it up. I stumbled upon his album by random chance yesterday and immediately fell in love with it. I guess it is an old album, from before they made it big.
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