January 26th, 2015


58026--Placidity and turbulence

Malida got a parking ticket at school today for parking over the white line. She called me and told me she was going to the campus police to complain. She did, got nowhere, and then mentioned "my husband works here". The police officer responded with, "Uh huh." She was upset and dropped her first ever Facebook f-bomb. Although it wasn't exactly grammatically correct, she got her point across just fine. haha!

We took a walk along the creek this afternoon. Normally it is our weekend morning walking spot, but it was lovely out this afternoon, and it is close to the place we wanted to eat. We are having such nice weather, and it is difficult to comprehend what it must be like back east. I hope everyone back there weathers the storm ok, and I hope we stop getting such beautiful weather.

I'm thinking about starting a recurring theme here about what people on my Facebook page are upset about today. I have a fairly diverse friends list, and there is quite a bit of polarity around certain topics. There are generally two extremes, with fairly opposite, but predictable talking points. In many of these rants, anyone who takes an opposing or more nuanced view is usually dismissed as "an idiot".

Actually I am thinking about taking a poll of my friends that would ask if they believed it was ok for someone to have a different opinion then theirs, even on a major issue, and still not be an idiot. That way I would know who to take off my reading list. There are a lot of things I like about Facebook, but this whole idea of having to demonize anyone who doesn't agree with you is not one of those things.


Music--Walter Salas-Humara. I had never heard of him until today when I heard him on the radio. I looked him up and he was the frontman for a group in the 80s called The Silos that I had never heard of either. But I like this and will be going back for more.
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