February 1st, 2015


58032--Larry and Jackie

I went to see the band Trigger Hippy last night. I am not much of a concert person. I hate big venues--particularly stadiums--but this was a small gig in a club that holds around 900 people. It was just about perfect. I had been to the venue years before for my first paid photography assignment. It has a different name now, but I recognized it right away.

trigger hippy
A crappy cellphone photo as proof of attendance.

The band was absolutely amazing. Old school rock by a group with a definite onstage chemistry. I cam easily see them hitting the big time. I have followed the career of Jackie Green, who plays keyboards and guitar for a long time. He came from Sacramento and I saw him years ago when it was just him, a guitar, and a stool.

There's also Joan Osborn who has such a killer voice, and a few members of the now-defunct Black Crowes. They got everything they need. Jackie started out playing the Hammond B3 organ, and by the end he was flying that thing around the room.haha--it was GOOD!

Anyway, I had some more stuff to write about (Larry), but I'll save it for later. Here's some Trigger Hippy: