February 15th, 2015


58046--Chelsea Hotel '78

It was another in a series of absolutely perfect days, here in the middle of February. Our plans were to drive down to SF to see my dad for dinner, but we decided to leave early and spend at least part of it on the beach. We sometimes do this in the middle of winter anyway, even when it isn't 70 degrees out, but most years we would have the place to ourselves.

rodeo beach

Not today. It was 70 degrees in San Francisco as well, and that means head over the Golden Gate and go to the beach for the day. It was amazing to see so many folks out there enjoying this uncharacteristic weather.

The beach I like to go to is one of the less popular ones--you have to go through a one-way-at-a-time mile-long tunnel to get there. It is part of a former military base. There are all sorts of old bunkers up on the bluffs overlooking the beach. The site of a former missile base is now a marine mammal sanctuary.

It was one of my Grandpa's "secret places" that he shared with me. I can recall sitting out there with him and Grandma eating sandwiches in a howling wind and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. After he died, Grandma and I took his ashes out there and scattered them.

As we sat on a rock watching the waves, I recalled that yesterday was the anniversary of my grandfather's birth, 111 years ago. It was good that we were there today.

We met my dad and had dinner at his favorite place. He always orders the same thing. We tried another restaurant once, but it just wasn't as good as that place. Even when I was a kid, and he would come for his weekly visitation, we would find a place we liked, and just keep going back, week after week.

I watched him as he walked down the street towards our car today. He looks like an old man now. Healthy, but definitely old.

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