February 19th, 2015


58050--the moment you know, you know you know

So this his how it works. I don't make an entry for a few days, then make one, then don't for a few days, and pretty soon it's three months later, and it seems pointless to make a post about trivialities. And the momentum is lost.

It was foggy today, which was fine with me. I've come to the realization that I can't control the weather, and I should take each day's weather for what it is, and get what I can out of it. There is a guy at the hospital who works at the coffee kiosk in the morning--Bart. He's a few years older than I am, and has a storied history. He has found his niche. He sells coffee and has something to talk about with everyone who walks up to the counter. Sometimes I sit near the kiosk and just listen to him and his customers. He knows a lot of customers by name.

As I was buying my coffee this morning, he squinted at my name badge. When I bought my second cup at about 10:30, he greeted me by name. We talked about the weather and how good it has been. I expressed some concern about the drought, and he agreed, but noted that we should just enjoy the gift of good weather as it comes.

I took my second cup of coffee out to the healing garden between the new and old building. I looked around at the trees.

This one still has some leaves left over from the fall--a few that haven't fallen yet. It brought to mind cold weather and endings.

This one, a few feet from the other, is blooming. It brings to mind warm weather and beginnings.

It is a strange year.
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