March 1st, 2015


58061--Twenty-nine, +/- 1

It is sort of our wedding anniversary. We were married on the 29th of February in 2008. That's seven years. Hard to believe it has been that long. Malida had a hard time believing it as well. Her card read "Yay! It's been 6 years or more already!"

I pulled out our wedding pictures this morning and we looked through them.

bw malida
This was the place where we were dressed and made-up for the wedding. This is one of my favorites.

Maybe the first image in my "hands" series.

king and queen
We didn't have to pose like this, but I wanted to--it reminded me of the portraits of the king of Thailand. He never smiles.

All Malida's nurse friends. I was surrounded :)

old lady
An old lady teaching us how to have sex. Really. We had to pay her to leave.

My favorite wedding image. This is the one we have hanging on our wall.

We spent the day across the table from each other studying and writing lectures. I roasted a chicken, and we had a lovely anniversary dinner.
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