January 19th, 2016


January 19--new beginnings

We welcomed our new class this morning and got to meet everyone. I know at least a few of them from around the nursing department, and my group is diverse enough that I will have no problems remembering their names. I have four students whose last names begin with V.

The director of our nursing program is finally retiring after threatening to for the past few years. She kind of went into retirement mode a few years ago, so it will be good to have some new blood. She was one of my teachers when I was a nursing student, and she has always treated me wonderfully. I will be sad to see her go, although it is time.

It rained hard again overnight and into the morning. I got up early and left early to avoid the traffic mess. I love getting there early anyway. I can have a cup of coffee and listen to music before everyone else trails in.

On my way home this afternoon, I could see the storm clouds receding to the southeast. I stopped to take a picture.

after the deluge
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