February 3rd, 2016


February 3--is it almost over?

I was crabby all day today.

We chased the cats around this morning trying to get them in a single room. Catch one, toss it in, catch the other one, toss it in and the other one escapes out, and so on. We finally got them both in the room with food, water and a litter box. I told the floor guys that they would be in there, and please don't open the door.

I had a meeting with the nursing alumni board this morning. The board consists of a bunch of women who graduated in 1959, and me. We were meeting with a caterer for the annual luncheon. Two of the ladies got in an argument about whether the salad they had a few years ago was good or bad, which lasted about 20 minutes, without consensus.

After the salad issue I went to the hospital so my students could select patients to take care of tomorrow and Friday. Generally I just sit downstairs and work on something until they are done, but a few are still having issues connecting to the electronic medical record, so I tried to get that resolved. I am explicitly clear that they have to be done and off the floor no later than 1 p.m. 1 p.m. rolled around and two students hadn't come downstairs yet. I sent them a message but no response. Meanwhile, my car is parked on the street, in a two-hour parking spot, which expires at 1 p.m. Finally one of them texts me to tell me they are still up there. I tell them to leave in my stern nursing school teacher voice and walk out to my car.

The parking ticket guy is standing there looking at my license plate. I say, "hi!" He asks if it is my car and I tell him it is. I am wearing my lab coat and look like a doctor who just ran in to save a life and then ran back out. He says, "oh ok, I'll let it go this time. yay.

When I eventually got home, the first thing I noticed was that the doors I asked to not be opened weren't only opened, they were off the hinges, and both the front and back door were wide open. I went and got the head guy and explained the cat situation again. Then I took a nap from exhaustion, and dreamed about my childhood babysitter's house. I had put some food and water in the cats' favorite hiding places, and that's where we eventually found them after the workers left. They are wandering around now inspecting the day's progress. I am glad they are such scaredy-cats, because they will pretty much shelter in place until the threat is gone.

cat version

We are camped out in the guest room and Malida's office, as the other side of the house is pretty much inaccessible, except to the cats. I will say that these guys have been very creative about minimizing the issue of inaccessibility. They lay the tile in a sequence that allow us to step on certain tiles and get to where we need to go. And we always have access to a bathroom.

I'll be glad when it is all done, but it is an interesting experience.
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