February 5th, 2016


February 5--it's all about money

Very little activity today--just the installer's teenage son in to clean up some before they grout and finish up tomorrow. The cats are elated. They came out and looked all around, and even rolled around on the floor a bit. Always a good sign.

I had to let my students go a little early today so I could go back to campus for a meeting of the committee I'm on. The school is celebrating its centennial next year, and we are planning a big celebration. I am on the time capsule subcommittee and the "big event" subcommittee. I guess I can't really write about what I was going to write about, but I will just say that what was originally just a celebration is now an opportunity for "branding" and corporate sponsorship. It was a disappointing turn.

My old babysitter's house has been appearing in my dreams lately. I pretty much grew up there, so it isn't surprising. The other day I sat down and sketched out the floor plan on a piece of scratch paper. Thinking about the house brings back so many other memories as well. There is one memory that I mentioned once previously, but didn't tell the story. It is about a cement truck. I thought about it today. I don't want to tell the story today either, but maybe in a day or two.

I have a bunch of homework to do this weekend, but I also have the weekend to do it. I am hoping to have it finished by the time the Superb Owl appears. I also have to start moving everything out of the bedrooms for the carpet install in a week.

almost the same as yesterday's picture, but with both cats.
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