February 9th, 2016


February 9--Cutout

At certain times of the year, I get to see the sun just coming up as I exit my "village" and head toward the main road. There is a little park near our house with some trees. I go past it every day, and don't pay too much attention unless the sun is starting to come up, and then it is a pretty sight. If I have a second, I will stop and take a picture.

My iPhone 6 does not do a good job in low light. I think the iPhone 5 was a lot better for that. But in most other respects it is a good camera. Good enough that I don't carry my real camera around much anymore unless the intent is to take pictures.


Anyway, I took this picture this morning and was disappointed at all the noise in the dark sky. I tried using a noise reduction filter, but that really just made it worse. So I tried a few of the artistic filters and came up with something I liked. It's not really a photograph anymore--it is now something else.

morning cutout

I kind of like what became of it.
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