February 15th, 2016


February 15--finally, it is over.

After having various workpeople in here since before Christmas, it is finally done. The carpet guys arrived at about 9 this morning, and were out of here by 2. As with everyone we have had in here doing one thing or another, these guys were great. They were very appreciative of our efforts to take everything out of the rooms that we could, and they spent less than 15 minutes moving out the heavy stuff. The lead guy had screwed up his foot playing soccer last weekend, and I gave him 10 minutes of free medical advice, once he had put all my heavy stuff back where it belonged. "Don't move heavy stuff," I advised.

For the first time, we managed to capture both cats and put them in the guest bathroom, where they stayed, unhappily, for the duration (with food, drink and cat toilet facilities). Once the carpet guys were gone, we let them out, and they hid for a while before their curiosity overtook them. Now they are wandering around admiring their new environment, rolling around on the carpet, and making sounds of pleasure.

After the guys left we put the bedroom back in order, then the guest room, and then our offices. I wanted to get at least the basics back in my office because I had an 8-page paper due this evening. I had a plan to reorganize everything in the office to support both my academic and recreational endeavors, and set up the basics to support that.

Hello Kitty is an essential component of that plan.

I started my paper at about 4 pm, and finished and submitted it at about 9. I can't tell if it is crap,genius,or something in between, but it meets the rubric.

I am exhausted after one of the busiest four-day weekends I have ever experienced. I am so sore, but the house looks great, and I am so glad it is done for a while. There's still all sorts of stuff stacked up in the living room, but I'll deal with it this coming weekend.
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