February 22nd, 2016


February 22--When in doubt, go with the cat

I put those two big TVs out on the driveway this morning to be picked up by some place that recycles them. I used a furniture dolly, because they weigh about 100 pounds each. I got home this afternoon and they were still there, because the pickup is next Monday, not today. And none of my neighbors wants them, apparently. So I hauled them back in again.

I finished updating another lecture this morning before we had one of our long faculty meetings. There's always a fair amount of bickering in them, but I just kind of sit in the back and stay out of it unless it is something I have a strong feeling about, which is almost never. I had a long talk with my mentor this afternoon about an issue that has been bothering me for a while now with a colleague. She was sympathetic, but reinforced my thought that there was nothing really to be done about it, because of "tenure". "Not that we haven't tried," she added. And so it goes.

I start my big lectures this week with "Fluids & Electrolytes". It's not one of my favorites, but it does set the stage for the ones that are coming. I am teaching from the new textbook this semester, so I learned a few new things, which was cool. For as much as I know about this stuff, it always amazes me how little I really know. Lifelong learner, for sure.

After work I took a bunch of boxes of stuff to be shredded. When I was cleaning out the closets a few weeks ago, I found boxes of bills and stuff from the 80s and 90s. I'm pretty sure I don't have to keep them any more. I did find some of my pay stubs from my first days working as an RN. My starting salary was $12.70/hr, and I was pretty happy with that. My students, when they are hired into a hospital for their first job out of school, now make about $60-70/hr. Much more than their teacher, who will likely still be paying student loans into his retirement.

I am listening to a stream of Peter Frampton's upcoming new album, which is all acoustic. It is really good.

two kitties
Mook and little Hello Kitty have fun on my desk.
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