March 3rd, 2016


March 3--the day I almost didn't post

Lots of stuff on my mind today. Although one side of my brain realized that I would be in Boise most of next week, the other side was still planning all the things I was going to do at work at the same time. At some point today, the two sides exchanged notes, and the side that forgot about Boise kind of freaked out, because there is all this stuff that needs to be done at work.

Anyway, I stopped at the office on the way home from the hospital and gathered all the stuff that needs to be done, and came home and did most of it. I'll do the rest tomorrow.

The doctorate faculty sent out the agenda for our presentations and meetings in Boise next week. Even before I opened it, I knew I was going to have to present first. I don't like to go first. And yes, I am presenting first. It's only 10 minutes and 4 powerpoint slides, and I know it backwards and forwards. But I don't like to present first.

Bad news for two people in my cohort, though. Their proposals were rejected, and they have to propose a new project by next week. The faculty is working with them to develop a new proposal, but it still sucks. This is all stressful enough without having the project you have been developing for two semesters trashed.

So I didn't take a picture today, and almost didn't post, but remembered how easy it was just to slip out of this habit from last year, and I didn't want to do that.


So here's a totally random picture that I took 10 years ago of an Alfred E. Neuman bobblehead that my totally random sister gave me as an ordination present 11 years ago. It sits on the table behind me still.

eta: after I posted this, I looked at the picture and realized that this is totally me presenting next week.
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