March 7th, 2016


March 7--Famous potatoes

I am in Boise for my initial project presentation. I spent a good part of the day traveling, but it was pretty much stress-free. And here I am.

I set my alarm for 4 am, which is way too early for anything. At about 4:10, Malida shakes me and says, "I thought you had to get up at 4." I forgot to assign a tone to the alarm, so it was silent. Thank you Malida. I still made it to the airport in plenty of time and there wasn't much of a security line.

I stopped over in Seattle for about an hour. It was pretty rainy and cold. I had a nice cup of coffee while I waited for my flight to Boise.


We flew out on one of these little Bombardiers. They are super loud and you feel kind of squeezed in, but it got me here. I think Lao Air uses these too, but for some reason they don't feel as cramped. I sat right next to the propellor, which was cool, but I kept thinking it was going to come loose and fly right through the window.

I got here with enough time to take a nap, iron all my clothes and complete an assignment that was due today, before heading over to the university to meet everybody. I was kind of nervous initially, but everyone was pretty cool, including the faculty, so I had fun, but took no pictures. After the meet and greet most of us went out to dinner and got to know each other better.

I am first up tomorrow with my presentation, so I came home and studied up a bit on statistics and stuff and made some notes on my notecards. I am ready to go and I know the information, so kind of looking forward to it.

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