March 29th, 2016


March 29--My Aunt Teresa

I had unsettling dreams this morning before I woke up. The dreams took place in my grandmother's house, which is not unusual, as a lot of my dreams occur there. In these dreams my grandparents are never there--it is always different people, and the house and yard change a bit, with the occasional extra room or something like that.

In this dream I was downstairs. In the real house, the downstairs was set up to be an apartment that could be rented out, with a separate kitchen and bathroom. When I was a little kid, the old woman they bought the house from lived there. After she died, it just became the downstairs part of the house. I spent a lot of time down there over the years, and had my own key to the separate entrance. Eventually my aunt moved down there after my grandfather died, and stayed there until she and my grandmother argued one too many times.

In the dream, I was down there in the kitchen, but everything was disused and dusty. I opened some cabinets and they were filled with old food. So was the refrigerator. It was kind of creepy. I went upstairs and my mom was sitting at the dining room table with another woman who was about 15 years younger than her. She told me it was my aunt Teresa, who I had never met before. Apparently she left home at age 17, and disappeared for however many years it had been. I forgot her name and called her Mary, which was my other (real) aunt's middle name--Margaret Mary (Who was called Peggy). She got kind of upset at that. I corrected myself and she rolled her eyes and covered her head with the tablecloth. Kind of a drama queen.

In the final part of the dream, I ask Malida what time it is, and she tells me it is 20 minutes to 8 in the morning. I get anxious, because I have to lecture at 8 and am just getting up. This wakes me up for real, and I look at the clock and it is 5:45, just before my alarm is set to go off. I wanted to keep dreaming, but had to get up, and did not feel well-rested, even though I got close to 8 hours of sleep.

I lectured for 4 hours this morning, then remotely attended the faculty meeting for my doctoral program, where I am the student rep. It's interesting to see how other faculties operate, and I love hearing the discussions about how our classes and program are put together. We are only the third cohort, so they are still tweaking it quite a bit, and they encourage our feedback.

After my phone conference, the 4th semester team met for about an hour. My colleagues love having meetings and making meticulous notes about all we talk about. I always say at the beginning, "I have to be somewhere at ( insert time that is no longer than an hour from now), so we better get going," otherwise we would be there all afternoon. They don't mind talking all afternoon, but I get there about 3 hours before they do, and I like to go home to get my nap in. I got home at about the same time as Malida, and we shared a nap with the cats.

After our nap, Malida and I went over to the park for a walk. It was another beautiful afternoon, and the park was full of people walking, running, playing baseball (there are 8 diamonds), playing frisbee golf, and horseshoes. The horseshoe people are bunch of retired guys who meet regularly. Every once in a while they will post something on the community website about wanting more guys to join them. I have no desire to play horseshoes, but I like the idea that there are people at the park doing it. Makes it feel like a friendly place.

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