April 1st, 2016


April 1--Rickrolled x 1

When I used to be a fairly serious practical joker, I never did it on April 1st. Way too obvious. Much better to do something on November 14, when they are least expecting it.

It is my step-brother's birthday. Not sure where he is, but I sent him an email greeting. He's been kind of a rolling stone for the past 5 years or so. I last saw him at his daughter's wedding in Denver a few years ago. I don't think about him much, other than his birthday and holidays, but when I do think of him, I hope he is ok.

I took my students out to lunch after clinical today. We went to Chevys, which can always handle a group of 11. It is a fun group and we had a good time.


They have about 6 weeks of preceptorship, then they will graduate.

This is the point in the semester for me where time starts to pass quickly. The next 6 weeks will just fly by, and then we will be done. I have the summer off, but will be taking classes, and have a lot to get done. Last summer was my first summer off, and I didn't do anything. I think that was part of the reason I applied for the doctoral program. I don't like being lazy, but lack intrinsic motivation, I guess.


The dogwoods are blooming.
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