April 4th, 2016


April 4--The meaning of life

I went in and worked this morning. I wrote all my test questions and attended a meeting. I stopped on the way home to get the burrito I had been thinking about all morning, and had that for lunch. Then I took a short but entirely satisfying nap. The best naps are when I dream about something, and I dreamed about something this afternoon, although I don't remember what. The cats have stopped sitting on me when I take a nap. Not sure why, but they do change up their habits periodically.

I did some homework for a while in the late afternoon, but started getting fidgety and found myself making trips to the kitchen to nervously eat. So I went over to the park to walk for a while. It was a beautiful afternoon. Temperatures in the high 70s. I looked at the weather app and it tells me that the midweek temperatures will be in the high 80s. My friend in Rhode Island sent me a picture today looking out her window at the snow coming down. Like another world.

I was almost done with my walk and decided to turn on Ingress to see if there were any portals in the park. Well, there were about a million of them, and I spent about an extra hour walking around finding them, and even completed a mission. I managed to get all my steps in and more, and it felt good. While I was walking around searching for portals, I wasn't even thinking about walking, I was just doing it.

I came home and finished my homework and submitted it. Done.

I looked at the course calendar this morning and realized that the two lectures I am scheduled for tomorrow somehow overlap by 45 minutes, which means I will not have enough time. No wonder I had all that extra time last week. Next time I'm gonna volunteer to make the calendar.


Picnic table with my glasses. Taken last week after I stopped there and accidentally left the glasses sitting on the table when I resumed my walk. It was a half mile before I realized I couldn't see.