April 25th, 2016


April 25th--My former sister-in-law's birthday

I was planning to leave the house at 6 am this morning, but fell back into bed and slept until 8, which is kind of unusual for me. It was ok, the only work thing I had on the books today was a 10 am faculty meeting, and I made that in plenty of time. When the meeting started, I realized I had taken the minutes at the last meeting, and never transcribed them or sent them out. I said, "I forgot--I'm super stressed out right now," which was true.

The big thing on the schedule today was to meet with a group that I was hoping would help connect me with community partners and possible funding for my doctoral project. I saw it as a critical juncture in being able to move forward. The meeting was scheduled for 1:30 pm.

The faculty meeting got over at noon, and I went back to sit at my desk and watch the clock. I hadn't eaten anything, and didn't want to. The meeting location was about 10 minutes away from the school, but I left a half-hour early, because I was tired of watching the clock.

There is an old Catholic cemetery adjacent to where the meeting was, and I killed some time by hacking portals. That was actually very calming.

I arrived at the meeting place and walked into the wrong entrance, into a meeting that wasn't mine, and everyone looked up and stared at me. "Hi" I said. One guy showed me where I was supposed to go.

I met with four people around a conference table. They all had laptops open in front of them. I really wasn't sure what to expect. When I scheduled the meeting, I asked if I should prepare a presentation. They said no, let's just talk. And that's what we did.

It was a sort of brainstorming session. I briefly explained what I was trying to do, and we talked about it for a bit, and then they started batting ideas back and forth about who might be able to help me. I got all sorts of information about what is going on in the area, and who is doing it. They also suggested possible funding sources. They not only gave me all sorts of information to help me move forward with my project, but help to point it in a direction I had not thought about. So it was good.

I was anxious about this. Probably the most difficult thing about this program is getting out of my comfort zone. At the end of the meeting I noticed a bunch of sparkly masks on the table. I asked about then and they told me that before I arrived they were wearing them. Then I looked around and realized there was all sorts of funky stuff all over the place. It seems like a really cool place to work.

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