April 27th, 2016


April 27--After the Deluge

Today was supposed to be my last day in the classroom with the students. I did reviews of the content for this module, and some case studies. I love doing this stuff. It is so much more interactive than lecture, and the students seem to get a lot out of it. And it is a great way to reinforce the material we have covered.

Next week we have a test, a couple of guest speakers, and course evals. Final is in two weeks from tomorrow. We have a class day on the Tuesday before finals, but we usually give that to them as a study day. I made an offer to be available for review that day if anyone was interested in coming in. Well, the whole class was, and they will come in for three hours so we can go over everything they have learned this semester. They are also going to have a potluck. I find that a nice validation of my teaching, plus food!

When I came home this afternoon a big storm was coming in, so I didn't walk. About 20 minutes later we had a very impressive thunderstorm that lasted almost an hour. Lots of hail to the east of us. After the storm passed, the sun came out, and I took a walk in the park. I was the only one there.

after the deluge
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