April 28th, 2016


April 28--Tutubi

I got up early to go into the hospital to meet with my student who is doing a night shift preceptorship at the end of her shift. Unfortunately, this wasn't the day, so she wasn't there. No problem. I went over to the office and worked on the upcoming test for a while, the walked around the campus hacking portals. I got an onion bagel from the cafeteria and went back to do more test stuff.

I can only spend so much time in the office. Our heating and air conditioning is all screwed up, and the office is hot. I call every day, and someone comes out to measure the temperature. It has been running around 88-90 degrees. The problem is that the heat is on, even though it is perfectly warm outside, and they can't figure out how to turn it off. It's an old building, slated for destruction next year, so I expect that eventually they will tell me there is nothing they can do, and I will likely accept that and continue to leave early.

I left at about 11 today and went back to the hospital to meet with a student who was actually there. Then I drove south to where it is all farms and rivers.

I had a destination--a resistance portal out in the middle of nowhere that was a hub for multiple links. It happened to be at a delightful little roadside stand that sold locally produced olive oil and vinegar. I did an olive oil and vinegar tasting and bought a bottle of each. I chatted with the woman who was manning it. I showed her that her stand was a blue portal. She was fascinated. I excused myself for a few minutes and then came back and showed her that it was now a green portal. She was delighted.

This place was not to far from one of my favorite hiking spots so I drove over and hiked along the river preserve for a while. It was a bit windy, but an otherwise lovely day.


I have been coming out here for more than 20 years. It is one of my favorite spots. It used to be farmland, but the nature conservancy bought it and has worked to return it to its natural state. It is a favorite spot for migrating birds.

butterfly shadow

I have tomorrow off, and will finish up the coursework for my doctoral program, at least for this semester. I am so ready to be done, at least for this semester.
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