April 30th, 2016


April 29th--A Friday that felt like a Saturday

I kind of had the day off, except for about a half-hour's work in the office. The rest of the day I went out and explored, and came home and wrote a short paper. Only two papers left in the semester. Yay!


This is the yard of a real estate company on the edge of town. The yard's filled with all sorts of stuff. They guy who owns it has a big house south of here, and out front he has a bunch of old mining carts. I suspect he is kind of eccentric.

One of the mining carts outside his home compound is a portal. but there is a big wall with a bunch of surveillance cameras next to it, and I feel kind of strange messing around there.
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April 30th--A Saturday that felt like a Saturday

I had to go into the hospital to see students this morning. Half of them are done with their preceptorships now, and the other half will finish this coming week. Then it is study study study until the final.

After I was done seeing them, I wandered around the neighborhood and came across a coffee place I had never noticed before. It is across the street from a Starbucks and a Peets, but it is way different. When you order a cup of coffee, they bring out the beans, which are roasted on-site, weigh them for your cup, grind them, then slow drip the coffee into a glass carafe, from which they pour it into your cup. It takes about 10 minutes, which is why they call it slow brewed. But it is worth the wait.


I sat outside and enjoyed my coffee and the beautiful day.
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