May 6th, 2016


May 6--The day I did't think too much

This was the day. No work work pending, no school work pending. No real life crises to avert, no red envelopes in the mail.

I woke up at 8 and drank some coffee and contemplated the day. It was overcast and drizzly. Perfect weather for not thinking about much. I stared out the window for a while.

I went out for a drive and made some long control fields. That required some thought, but the good kind of thought. I stopped at a taco truck for lunch. I drove around some more, then drove to the park and walked for a while.

I went to the nursery and bought a plant for Malida for Mother's day. It will be from the cats. It is a passion flower vine, which is something she has wanted. I wandered around the nursery looking at flowers.

I came home and connected with my music friends and listened to some great music--mostly stuff I had never heard before.

It was exactly the kind of day I needed. I feel refreshed and renewed, and am ready to go again.

cemetery cows

One of the fields I made had the southern portal in a rural cemetery, out in the middle of nowhere, next to some cows. It is hotly contested, and usually falls about 10 minutes after I capture it.
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