May 9th, 2016


May 9--#1: find the box with the scavenger hunt stuff in it. #2: Pickles!

I win, I guess.

scanvenver hunt

I had to google to see if "scanvenver" hunt was a real thing or just a misspelling. Cause I could totally picture it being real--hide a bunch of barcodes all over town and the first one to scan them all wins. I'm always one step ahead.

I had a pleasant conversation with my faculty advisor today, who assures my my project is on the right track and gave me a bunch of ideas to help it move along while she is out of the country for a couple weeks.

We had a big crisis dropped on us at work today around student placements for the fall. We brought in our director, who is retiring in a few weeks to discuss what to do. Her advice was, "I'm retiring in a few weeks and am done with all this." Hopefully a new director is in place by the fall. Anyway, it will work out somehow.

On the bright side, I had complained to the psych instructor that someone keeps walking off with my attendance clipboard, and she assured me she had a solution. She came into my office today with this:


It is so awesome! It has pickles!
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