May 10th, 2016


May 10--Last day in class

We had our last classroom day today. I spent three and a half hours with the class going over everything they have learned this semester, in anticipation of both the final exam and their upcoming licensure exam. I think they are about ready. They brought food for a potluck, but I was so busy teaching that all I had was half a bagel and some baby carrots. We have the final exam on Thursday, and then graduation next week. I will finish putting the exam together tomorrow.

My clinical group asked to see me at one of the breaks. They had a present for me. It was a little ceramic Hello Kitty nurse. They surmised that I like Hello Kitty because I have a couple of them on my desk, I guess. And a sticker on my phone. And they pop up on my lecture slides periodically.

kitty nurse

Which was cool, but what was even more cool, is that they all signed it on the back.

kitty back

And if that weren't cool enough, they also gave me a new lab coat, with my name embroidered on it, and hidden underneath the lapel, an embroidered Hello Kitty! I thought that was really the best thing ever. The opposite lapel has an embroidered gold star, because I often tell students "you get a gold star" when they have a clinical insight.

lapel kitty

I was so touched by their gifts. Such a thoughtful group of students! It made me feel good.
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