May 15th, 2016


May 15--"I'm not a couch potato!"

...she said, as she viewed a fitness video while lying on the couch.

It was a good day. I got up fairly early to take a walk and play some ingress. After walking I drove down to the town south of mine to capture a portal for a field I wanted to make. The portal is the sign in front of an old cemetery serving the rural area it is in the middle of. There are stones from the late 1800s up until the present. It is fairly small, and surrounded by cow pastures.

After I capture the portal and made my links, I wandered around looking at the gravestones. It was a beautiful morning--somewhat cool, but sunny, and the grass was dewy. I sat on a stone bench for a while and took in the morning. It is actually a very lovely spot, out in the middle of nowhere. I imagine that other than the few families who have recently buried people here, the only people that come out here are Ingress players.

One gravestone caught my attention. It is fairly new, probably within the past 5 years. It is hand-carved from granite--the type of work you don't see anymore. It is an angel, with some little people surrounding his legs. At the time, I was mostly interested in how the light was hitting the face of the angel, and that's what I photographed. I want to go back, though and capture some of the other details.


I love cemeteries. They are so peaceful, and great places to sit and reflect. My love of cemeteries came from my grandfather (as so many things I love came from him). He loved to stop and buy some sandwiches, and drive out to the old cemetery near Olema, where we would sit and eat, and reflect on the meaning of life, or whatever.

This cemetery has been less than 10 minutes from me for 16 years, and I just now discovered it.
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