May 18th, 2016


May 18--the last day of school for the summer!

Made it!

This has been a long and challenging semester. I am glad it's over.

We had a full day today. Packing up the office this morning, then a retirement luncheon for the outgoing nursing program director. The lunch was great--everything went as we planned it. The director loved it. I got a chance to sit down with the Dean for a bit and talk about the future of nursing. He seemed attentive to what I was saying.

After the lunch I went home and got a haircut, got dressed again (I didn't get undressed for the haircut, but I did change clothes after), and headed back to the campus for the commencement ceremony this evening. On the way back to campus the temperature outside was 101 degrees. Not the kind of weather you want to be sitting outside in dressed all in black.

This was my first commencement as a faculty member. The last one I attended at City College was my own, back in 1989. As we were waiting to process in, the retiring director, mentioned that she remembered that I was the only graduate from the nursing class that year who attended the commencement ceremony. I was surprised she remembered that.

Before the ceremony, all the faculty gather in the cafeteria by department, then we all walk together to the stadium. As we walk, the graduating students are lined up along the way cheering us.


Here are the nursing students who attended. cheering us on.

when we get into the stadium, we do the same thing for the students as they process in. It's pretty cool. And hot, because it was 101 degrees. Fortunately they seat us on the shady side, and pretty soon there was a breeze, and it wasn't too bad. I sat with the nursing faculty, but directly behind me was one of my former journalism professors. It was great to see her, and we got a chance to catch up.

I really enjoyed the commencement. It is so good to see these students be rewarded for all their hard work. The great thing about community colleges is that anyone can sign up, and build a new life for themselves. The student speaker spent 7 years in prison before turning his life around, and now he is graduating with a degree in kinesiology and on his way to the university to continue his journey. Here is a link to a story about him if you are interested.

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