May 20th, 2016


May 20--Seventh anniversary of blueberry pancakes

Today is the 7th anniversary of when Malida and I got married in the US, in a civil ceremony at the county clerk's office. We had been married a year earlier in a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand, but this was a necessary step for her to be able to become a permanent resident.

We bought some rings at the local jewelry store for the occasion. The Thai wedding didn't require rings, but it did require me to eat part of a hard boiled egg. We went down and got it done early, drove over to McKinley Park to take a picture, then had breakfast. Facebook reminds me that it was blueberry pancakes, but I have absolutely no memory of that.

After breakfast we drove to Yosemite and spent a couple of days there. It was Malida's first visit, and the first time I had been back in a long time. We stayed in a town near the south entrance--Mariposa. We had dinner that night at a family-run restaurant down the street from our hotel. We mentioned to the server that we had just gotten married, probably to explain why we were having champagne. When she brought us the bill, she told us that the owner had paid for our dinner, and congratulations. It was the coolest thing ever.

We are going back to Yosemite tomorrow and will stay at the same place we stayed 7 years ago. We didn't really plan it that way--it was just a short trip to celebrate being out of school. Anyway, we remembered it was our other anniversary, the one we don't celebrate, so I made reservations at the same restaurant too. And bought her a card and some sapphire earrings.


Seven years ago, under the trellis someone stole a couple of weeks ago for his sister's wedding.
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