June 1st, 2016


June 1--June 1st!

First day of June and it is hot! 95 degrees today. Malida was off and we went out walking early, then went shopping for a bit. After shopping we were hungry, so we had breakfast at our favorite breakfast place. This made us torporous, so we took an early nap, which was kind of strange, but very refreshing.

After the nap we had coffee and I called both the satellite radio company and the internet/cable company and got both of them to significantly reduce the rates I am paying for their services. I loved the guy I talked to at the satellite radio company. He said (in a very interesting accent), "Are you telling me you would like to pay less for this service?"

"That is what I am asking," I replied.

"Well, sir, It is fortunate that you called today, and, by chance, were connected to me, because I am going to do that for you."

And he did. He dropped my rate to a very favorable level. Similar situation with the cable/internet provider, who simply dropped my rate to about $5 below last years promotional rate. I can't complain.

I made some shrimp and asparagus pasta for an early dinner. It was delicious. I tried making it a while back, but I think this time I nailed it.


After we ate, we hung out until it was cool enough to go walk again, and we walked again in the evening as it was starting to cool off. After our walk, I took Malida to get some shaved ice, then dropped her off so I could play ingress for a while. I ended up with 20,000+ steps today. Not bad for a hot day.


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