June 2nd, 2016


June 2--My feet hurt

I am participating in a two-week walking challenge that is associated with Ingress. It counts how many km you walk playing the game. That's actually one of the whole points of the game is to get you away from your computer and out into the world. Some people play it from their cars, but I like the walking aspect of it. There is a route I take in the local park that has lots of portals along the way, but also allows me to get in a lot of steps in the process. Kind of the best of both worlds.

It has prompted me to up my walking game a bit. It feels good. I like walking again.

Back about 10 years ago I walked all the time, and actually looked forward to it every day. Somehow I lost that habit, and once you lose it, it is hard to get it back. I remember walking with Malida at some point last year, and having to rest after about a half-mile because I was short of breath and my back hurt. I remember wondering if I had crossed the point of no return to where I was too out of shape to ever get back in shape again. I think I was pretty close.

Anyway, this morning we walked three miles before it got too hot. Then we went to the asian market and had some filipino fried rice and pork on a stick for breakfast. It was pretty yummy. It didn't make us torporous (he said torporous! again!), so no late morning nap. I went to the campus to take care of a few things.

I wrote previously about having to pack up all my stuff and bring it home because our building was found to be uninhabitable (or at least our side of it). Well, someone actually came out and assessed it and they decided that they would fix it after all, so we won't actually be moving until next year. Our dean sent out an email yesterday telling us we were staying. I am somewhat upset by how this all played out, but am waiting to cool off before composing a measured complaint. Nursing always gets screwed over.

I came home in the afternoon and we had a nice nap. I got an email from my doctoral advisor that my proposal needs major revisions, but I think I will put that off for a day or two. I am enjoying life at the moment.

I made some garlic-lime shrimp for dinner, which was delicious, then spun an album on Second Life. After that we went out for another walk. It's hot here--close to 100 today, and 105 tomorrow. It was 92 when we started the walk, but the sun was setting and when we were done it was only the mid 80s. I dropped Malida off at home and walked some more, bringing my total steps to about 19,000 for the day. Not bad.


It was ten years ago today that the first group of students I taught finished their studies. I took them out to dinner, and gave them plants to nurture. In a display of my awesome teacher powers, I made them hold the plants over their heads, and they did. They have all been nurses for a decade. They taught me so much about being a teacher. We always get so much more than we give.
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