June 10th, 2016


June 9--More of the same

We went out early again and had our eye appointments for the year. I've been going to the same eye doctor since I turned 40 and my 20/20 vision abandoned me. He is a good doctor who takes his time. While he looked at my eyes we talked about diabetes. You can see diabetic changes in the arteries that feed the retina fairly early on, so he knows when someone is at risk.

Malida goes to him too, so we both had our appointments and picked out our new glasses for the year. I am using six-year-old glasses, because I lost the most recent pair. I'm not good at keeping track of my glasses, and no, I don't want to wear them around my neck.

We went to the asian market to get some food for Malida. She has to work two days in a row this week. The second day is at a different clinic. She has to be there at 5 am on Saturday. I will wake up and make her coffee, then fall back to sleep as if I had never gotten up.

In the afternoon a guy came by to give me an estimate on some solar shades for a few of our windows. My office window gets a lot of sunlight, and it is the hottest room in the house. The guy gets great reviews in the community, and I liked talking to him. As he talked, I recognized that he was from Canada by his accent, even though he has been here since 1974. "Aboot" gave it away. We talked for a bit about my trip across Canada, then we agreed that he would put up our sun shades.

shopping cart

A shopping cart in the weeds behind the asian store.
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June 10--A talk with the doctoral advisor and other things

I had a phone conference scheduled with my doctoral advisor this morning at 8 am. She lives in Houston, so it is a bit later for her. I get somewhat anxious when I have to speak with her. She was pretty tough last semester. We all agreed that she was probably the toughest professor in the doctoral program. Her criticism is blunt, and she basically tells it like it is. I got up at 6 am to prepare.

Which is exactly what I need. I have had three conferences with her since the summer semester began, and it has gone great, although I do have some anxiety before we speak. She gives me very direct feedback, and I say, "Ok--that is what I will do". She is very supportive of my project, and pushes me to really ensure that it is doctoral work, and not just some academic exercise.

Even though I feel like I am making it up as I go along, it is coming together and starting to make sense.

After our conference, I went out for a long walk in the park, then played Ingress for a while. I put up some big fields, which the other side took down almost immediately. Someone said that it is like making sand mandalas, and it is so true. You plan, you create, and the wind blows it all away.


One of my stops today--the produce stand at Sloughhouse. It is about 20 minutes from my house. They have stuff all year round, but in the mid summer, they have the best corn in the world. You can stop there and buy Sloughhouse corn that was picked less than an hour ago. Mmmm. Can't wait!
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