June 17th, 2016


June 17--Another average day in the neighborhood

Malida was off today so we had a plan to go out walking and then have some lunch at one of our favorite spots, which is what we did. I also planned to finish up this assignment that has been dogging me, and I didn't. I have to get it in tomorrow--my advisor emailed me tonight asking where it was. So I will finish it tomorrow and get it in.

It was a lovely day, though a little humid. It is supposed to get hot next week--into the 100s, but we will be out at the coast for a few days, so will miss it. I am looking forward to getting away and hiking around in one of my favorite spots.

I saw my neighbor this afternoon and talked to her for a while. She told me that a pipe burst in her house and flooded everything, similar to what happened to us back at the beginning of the year. Unlike us, she has had to battle with her insurance company (State Farm) just to get anything out of them. We were very fortunate that our insurance company (AAA) was so good about providing whatever we needed to get our house back in shape.

Sunday we will go up to my step-sister's house and celebrate Father's day with my dad. It will be good to see him.


The Laguna Creek trail on June 17.
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