July 10th, 2016


July 10--bbq pork, Hmong style

The focus of my doctoral project is the high rate of diabetes in the Hmong community. The project itself has evolved significantly from screening for diabetes, to training members of the Hmong community to be community health workers--teaching within the community.

I was up early this morning doing a literature search on community health workers. My initial project proposal is due in a week, and I have a lot to accomplish. I feel good about it, though, and it is starting to take shape. It feels are and more like a real thing and not just some abstract concept.

There was a big Hmong sports festival this weekend, and I had planned to go, as part of my project implementation will occur at the festival next year. It was at a big regional park way on the other side of Sacramento, up where I lived when I first moved here. I hadn't been up that way for years.

The festival was interesting. Lots of sports competitions, and lots of food. They had four of these big truck-sized charcoal grills going and there was all sorts of good stuff to eat. Malida loves it because it is pretty much like the food back home. We walked around for a while, had some food, then came home so I could continue working on my project.

Hmong bbq
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