July 19th, 2016


July 19--It's already July 19?

Time goes by. It has been 2 months since my teaching semester ended, and one month until I start up again. I have a month to savor the rest of the summer. I better make good use of it.

I went early for some blood work in anticipation of my 6 month doctor visit. The phlebotomist had a good touch. I used to be phlebotomist. It's how I put myself through nursing school. I was good at it, thought largely self-taught. I bluffed my way into the job and figured it out pretty quickly. I needed a job.

I went out to walk after the blood draw, then got a cup of coffee and sat in the park for a while. It was a lovely morning. I thought about how negative and divisive social media has become. I think I prefer face to face conversations.

It's interesting. My friend who lives across the street from me is pretty much politically opposite of how I am, and yet we talk regularly, and that stuff rarely comes up. We tend to talk about the things we have in common, and the little things in our lives. He was kind of upset this week, and some of the political stuff spilled over into our conversation. He is a law enforcement officer, and it has been stressful lately. But, you know, I didn't need to argue with him or tell him he was crazy or anything. I just listened. I don't need to agree with him, or disagree with him. I can tell him how I see things, although this wasn't the time to do that. I trust my friendship with him more than anything I see on social media.

We need more face to face and less screen time. That's my social media opinion, lol.


A random 29 on the streets.
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