July 21st, 2016


July 20--Espresso Metro

I had go to to the office the other day and stopped for a cup of coffee on the way, since no one makes coffee in the summer. I have been getting coffee at Espresso Metro since it first opened back when I was a student. When I went back to take photography classes, this was the place I hung out. It is funky and unique.

After seemingly endless meetings with the Dean, we have solved our student placement problem for the fall and are now actively figuring out how to make it work. Interestingly, up until now, my colleagues always spoke of us as a team, but after I took the initiative to make this work after they didn't want to have anything to do with it, they are now referring to themselves as the "senior team members", who should be shaping the decisions. Now that a plan is in place, it is ok with me. I am now free to refer anything I don't want to deal with to the "senior team members".

I had a lunch meeting with the Nursing Alumni Association President and the head of the foundation, who is responsible for raising money for the school. It was kind of interesting. Both of them are very dynamic, and are used to playing in the big leagues of corporate donations and foundation money. I, on the other hand, know next to nothing about it.

I was there because my background bridges both the college and the healthcare communities in town and I know lots of random stuff. I enjoyed a nice wedge salad with Maytag blue cheese dressing and listened to them talk about big things. They turned to me occasionally and asked questions about this or that.

When I was in my 20s, I had a job as a clinic manager at an industrial medical clinic down in Silicon Valley. This was way before I became an RN. I had recently been promoted from a small clinic in Oakland where I was responsible for about 6 employees and two doctors, to a clinic where there were 85 employees and 10 doctors. I was completely unprepared for it. Almost as soon as I transferred to the new job, the company was sold. The boss who promoted me was gone and we got all new management.

Anyway, one day one of the department managers asked if I wanted to go to lunch. I said "sure" and thought that it was nice that someone wanted to go to lunch with me. As soon as we sat down she started laying out her agenda and what she expected of me as the clinic manager. I felt like I had just come off the potato farm.

The job didn't really work out, and they demoted me and transferred me up here, where I was eventually fired. That was the catalyst that propelled me into nursing school. And here I am, 30 years later, still clueless about lunch meetings, and so grateful that I never figured that life out.

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