August 11th, 2016


August 11--Kennedy Meadows

We thought about kayaking today but it was only about 70 degrees, so we decided to go hiking again. We drove up about 20 miles to a place called Kennedy Meadows. It's one of my old favorite places from a long time ago. I hadn't been up that way for about 5 years, when Malida was in Thailand.

It's another nice spot, on the Stanislaus river. There is a sort of rustic resort there with a store, some cabins, some horses, and a lot of fisher people. There is a great trail as well, leading up into the Emigrant Wilderness.

Kennedy meadows

We put some food and some water in our backpack and started following the river. It was a beautiful day, and other than people fly fishing, we really didn't see anyone. We sat on an old downed tree near the river and ate and watched people fish.

fisher person

A river runs through it.

We saw some pack horses coming out. I guess you can pay to have your stuff packed in so you can camp in the wilderness. We also saw a few actual backpackers, including two guys and a dog. The dog had his own pack with a little bedroll, food, and water. He looked pretty happy.


We came to a bridge that I remember well. We would either follow the trail across the bridge and go left to get up to the lakes, or go to the right after we crossed to follow the river down.


My name is (or was) on that bridge. There are still a lot of legible names from around 1975 when I last backpacked up there, but I couldn't find mine.


We came home and rested for a while, and then had another great dinner. Now we are planning to go to bed early and get up to watch the meteor shower in the middle of the night. If we wake up.
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