August 13th, 2016


August 13--Obey eskimo pie

I already made this entry, but an errant thumb pad on my macbook air track pad made it go away. Now I know why my cursor keeps jumping all over the place. As I was saying...

We slept in this morning. I like not having to get up early on a vacation. Setting an alarm to go sightseeing or something just seems wrong. Anyway we got up about 9 and had some coffee. Our plan for the day was go to to Jamestown, have some breakfast, and then visit the rail museum.

We made it as far as breakfast. It was in the mid 90s by 11 am, and after breakfast we decided to duck into an old book store for a while. We ended up spending an hour there, and buying a lot of old books. I talked with the guy who owned the place and he told me he would probably be closing it down next year because "no one buys books anymore". What a loss.


After the bookstore we wandered through the many antique shops that line the main street, mostly because they were cool and dark. I bought a small wooden cat, and Malida bought some little things she can take back to Thailand.

Malida said she wished she had some ice cream, and about 10 seconds later we were standing in front of an ice cream place. It was nice and cool in there too. She had an ice cream and I had a double espresso.

eskimo pie

It didn't get any cooler, and by the time we drove up to the rail museum, it was about 104, so we decided to save it for another day and headed back to the motel, where we sat out by the pool and relaxed. That's the place to be when it is 104 out.

In the evening we drove back to Jamestown and had dinner, then came home and took a walk down to the state historic park down the street as the sun set. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was kind of cool walking through a closed-up old town.

old town

We head home tomorrow, and then back to work. It has been a lovely little trip.
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