August 15th, 2016


August 15--sort of back to work, sort of

Officially, I am still off until Thursday, when we start to have all the beginning of the semester meetings and stuff, but there is always a bunch of things I need to do before then to get ready for the semester and make sure my clinical placements are intact. I don't get paid for these days, but I can count them towards my college service hours, so I guess it's ok.

The gang's all here.

I had a plan to get up early and go in at about 7 am. That plan fell through, and I got there at about 11, after enjoying a quiet morning with the cats. I was the only one in the office, and I got pretty much everything done that I needed to, except for one thing that required more thought than I was willing to invest on my first day back, so I left it for later.

My new boss was there for a while today. I watched her walk down the hall. She has a bounce in her step, which says so much about her.

As I was driving down the road from the college, I saw my friend Tom walking down the street. He was on of the critical care doctors I worked with for years and years, who retired a few years ago. I pulled over and said hi, and we talked for a bit. He lives in the neighborhood, and we walked over to his house for some lemonade and talked some more.

He was always one of my favorites. He was the guy who would hang up on me in the middle of the night when I called about something, but then would be contrite in the morning, and take me down to look at chest x-rays. The thing about him is that he always was who he was, and was genuine. And he was a great critical care doc who cared about his patients. Anyway, it was great to see him, and a real bright spot in my day.


"What's a blog?" he asks. This picture pretty much captures him.