September 18th, 2016


September 18--Grandpa and the archives

We heard the other day that Malida's grandpa was sick and in the ICU in Thailand. He has had bad breathing problems after a lifetime of smoking. Today we heard that he passed away. I liked him. He lived next door to Malida's mom, and whenever I was there he would come over and sit with me for a bit. He would always ask me, in Thai, if I could speak Thai yet, because he had stories he wanted to tell me. He would tell the stories anyway, even though I couldn't understand. When I would ask Malida what he was saying, she would generally respond with something like, "oh he's just talking".

Malida asked me to find one of the pictures I took of him over the years so she could send it back to Thailand. I found a few and she emailed them off. I guess the only pictures that exist of him are the ones I took.