October 8th, 2016


October 8--the miracle of social media

Malida calls her mom a few times a week using a VOIP service that costs us about 2 cents a minute. It is a great service, and is cool that they can keep in contact. She calls a lot of her friends too. A couple of months ago she accidentally called a few times on the Verizon network, which is somewhat more than 2 cents a minute, and we ended up with a $400 phone bill. I'm not sure why there is such a disparity.

Anyway, this week her high-school-age niece was staying at her mom's house for a few days, and they discovered that they could use Facebook to video chat on the niece's phone. It was the first time we had seen her mom since the last time we were there. Her mom was very happy to see her (and me). We showed her the cats, and the house, both of which she had never been able to see before. The niece is going back to the village tomorrow, so they are video chatting again now. Pretty amazing!


They both look pretty happy. We talked about getting her mom a smart phone and a Facebook account, but we don't think she would be able to figure it out, so we will help the niece maintain her account so we can all chat when she visits.

Next week will be the halfway point in the semester. It feels like halfway. I will have to write midpoint evals on my students this coming week. They are all doing ok, so it won't be too hard. I also have all sorts of stuff due form my doctoral program next week, so it will be a challenging week. This past week was kind of a breather, so I feel fairly rested and ready to go.


I found a labeler on the oncology unit the other day. It didn't have an identifying label, so I made one and labeled it. I felt good about my contribution to clarity in the world. I love labelers.
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