January 1st, 2017


January 1--a new year

It has been a while since I posted here. In the interval I celebrated a birthday (60), had a somewhat traumatic end to my doctoral semester, finished up my work semester on a high note, celebrated a couple of holidays, had a really good taco, and ended up on the fresh side of a new year.


Just like we did last year, Malida and I took a drive up into the Sierras soon the first day of the year. It was cold, although not as cold as last year. Even though we have had a lot of rain this season, there was much less snow this year compared to last year. Hopefully we will get some cold storms in to replenish the snowpack, which is our main water source in Northern California. In any case it was a lovely day.

We took our friend with us. She was visiting from Thailand, but ended up marrying her on and off again boyfriend a few days ago, so now she is planning to stay. He is a pilot, and was flying today, so didn't join us. She is the person who introduced me to Malida, 10 years ago.

sierra pano

What the day looked like today.

We spent Christmas with my former in-law family. I guess that's what you call them. It was great to see everyone. I hadn't seen many of them for a while--maybe 2 years. It felt good to be enveloped in the warm embrace of this family. Malida seemed very relaxed among them, and enjoyed herself It has taken her a while to not feel like she is standing under Arlina's shadow there, but I think she has crossed that bridge.

Those of you who have been around for a while will remember my nieces--the little girls who used to populate my journal way back when. They are all grown up now and living adult lives. One of them just had a baby. It was the one I predicted would be first to have a baby as we sat around the breakfast table one summer morning 13 years ago. I told their futures, and so far they are on track.

joyce and henry

Joyce and Henry. Henry was the star of Christmas. I'm a grand-uncle, or something.

We spent New Years Eve day cleaning the house, paying the bills, washing all the clothes, and putting away all the junk so we could ring in the new year with our house in order. I cleaned off my desk and put my books away. I will take them out again in 10 days when my classes start again, but it feels good to start fresh. I have a lot of project revisions to do between now and then, but I am not thinking about that until tomorrow.


The really good taco.
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