January 4th, 2017


January 4--He's no fun, he fell right over!

I was supposed to eating red beans with ham hocks today, but forgot to soak the beans last night, so will be eating them tomorrow instead. Tonight I will be eating pork tacos made from a pork shoulder roast that I sliced and marinated.

al pastor

The slices of pork are supposed to be standing upright, but they fell right over. It will be yummy nevertheless.

I fooled around with Dreamwidth today. I have had an account there (here) for about six years, probably since the last time everyone thought LJ was going to fold or whatever. I don't think I knew the last time that you could import your entire journal over. I made a few crossposted entries and eventually forgot about it (and LJ for a while).

Anyway, someone had mentioned the other day that they had imported their LJ to Dreamwidth, so I decided to try it. I really don't want to lose everything I have posted in LJ if it ever does go down for good. The import worked like a charm. Took about 10-15 minutes.

I decided to see if I could import my other journals. I have one that I started back in August of 2002. My first entry noted that I thought I would have more to say than I did. Eight months later I got my first digital camera and started posting pictures. Most of those pictures don't show up anymore, as the place they were stored went under. I still have the originals in my archives somewhere.

Nine months after I started that first journal, my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I now had plenty to write about. After she died, I stopped writing in that journal and started Zyzyly.

I rarely go back and read that stuff, but today I pulled up a few entries from the last days before she died. They made me cry. I forgot how straightforward and honest I was in my writing then. I could only take a few days worth before I had to close it.

In any case, it is now incorporated into my Dreamwidth account (which is also zyzyly), along with my old photo journal, Lowflyingsquab. I have a few more random journals I can import, and then everything will be in one place and chronological. And backed up.
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