January 8th, 2017


January 8--The secret lives of Hello Kitty

We finally got our atmospheric river. It started raining last night about midnight, and has been mostly raining ever since. It's a warm rain, and I left the window open a bit last night so we could hear it as we slept. There is a Red Cross shelter set up in the park for people who live near the river, but I guess no one has needed it, and they are closing it this evening. I am going to drive out to the river tomorrow and see what it looks like. Maybe I'll take a picture.

We went for lunch at the noodle place during a break in the downpour. I have an app that tells how intense the rain will be over the next 90 minutes, but it is not as accurate as looking outside and seeing what is actually happening, so that's what I do.

We go to the same noodle place almost every Sunday. It is fairly close to home, and right next to the shopping market and across the street from an asian market, so we can eat and get our shopping done. There are two young women who do most of the serving at the noodle place. Sarah and Tu. They are both students at the community college, and were very excited to learn that I was a professor. Now they call me Mr. Professor. They always spend a few minutes chatting with us. I guess we are regulars, because they always know what we want to order. I get the #33, and Malida gets the #34.


#33. I am sure there is a #29 on the menu, but I don't know what it is. Because I knew you were wondering about that.

I came home and opened the course site for the classes I am starting tomorrow. One of them is essentially "get your shit together for your project proposal", and the other is an informatics class, which sounds really interesting and not too difficult. On paper, it sounds like this will be...oh never mind. I'm not even going to say it. It will be what it will be.

I decided it would be a good idea to back up all my project work so far. I have been keeping it all on a thumb drive. I opened the thumb drive, and the last 5 months of stuff was gone without a trace. I am a guy who backs up his photos to two separate external hard drives. I backed up my Live Journal. Did I back up my project work? No. Do I have an automatic nightly backup program on my computer? I sure do, but I use another computer for school stuff, that is not backed up. I'm such an idiot.

Fortunately, I have the final drafts of most of it scattered across my desktop, and I have the copies that professors have emailed back to me with comments. And, of course, hard copies of everything. I gathered what I could find, then got some recovery software and was able to find some more on the thumb drive. I have the stuff I need, anyway, and it is now backed up to 4 different places, none of them thumb drives.

Even though I don't actually start work again until Friday, I need to go in tomorrow and take care of some beginning of the semester stuff. I don't mind. I feel well-rested, finally, and am ready to go.
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